Farmland Preservation – Economic Benefits

Farmland preservation is an investment in our agricultural industry.

  •  The number one industry in Pennsylvania, agriculture has a $50 Billion impact on our state economy.
  • Agriculture provides one of every seven jobs in Pennsylvania.
  • Without farmland, there will be no agricultural industry.
  • If enough farmland in an area is converted to non-farm use, the farming communities lose the critical mass necessary to keep local farm-related businesses and hence the whole farm economy alive. Between 1982 and 2007, America lost 23,163,500 acres of farmland to development.

Farmland preservation helps to balance municipal budgets.

  • Farmland generates more in property tax revenue than it demands in municipal services.
  • Housing developments and the services they require are a net revenue loss for communities.
  • Without farmland, costs of community services will rise.

Tell your state senator and representative that farmland preservation is a long term investment that cannot be traded to balance the short the term budget.  

Also see American Farmland Trust: Why Save Farmland?

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